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The Mazinger Z and other Mecha pictures and information...

Mazinger Z
5.5 Inch Die Cast figure. Made by Yamato

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I have been collecting Mazinger Z and related Mecha merchandise since I was a child.  For me, it was a blessing when internet became widely available and I could no longer have to rely on what was "in stock" in the local area.  At that moment, the entire world was just a few key strokes away and with that, a lot more Mazinger Z merchandise became instantly available.  Well, here is a sample of my collection.  I hope you enjoy it. 
By the way, I do have a great imagination and do like my figures to be as close as the real thing as they can, so from time to time you might come across a modified figure or a "scene".  Please, do not be confused or, for some, insulted?!?  Keep in mind that for me, The Mazinger Z is the greatest creation since sliced bread, so there.
Thanks for looking!

Oh, by the way,  I may include pictures that I have come across in the web (I do save every cool picture I see).  I just want to make sure the original authors of such are recognized, so I will try to identify them and give credit to their creators as much as I can.  If you happen to see something in here that you know is yours or someone else's, please let me know so I can add the info to the caption.
Thanks again!

Grendizer, Mazinger Z, Mazinkaiser, Great Mazinger
Max Factory Grendizer, Bandai MC Mazinger Z & Great Mazinger, Yujin Mazinkaiser

Mazinger Z
Bandai SOC GX-01 Mazinger Z (modified)

Mazinger 1901 (Original version) from Fewture.
Very nice mecha... kind of creepy but cool...

Yujin's first Mazinkaiser (from SRW Game Series, not from OVA)

Mazinger Z, Mazinkaiser, Great Mazinger
Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger - Bandai MC models. Mazinkaiser - Yujin (from OVA)

Mazinkaiser, Garada 1901, Mazinger Z
Aoshima Die Cast Mazinkaiser , Fewture Models Garada 1901, Bandai SOC Mazinger Z (painted)

Mazinger Z
Medicom RAH Mazinger Z (original & then modified, including Power Pack)

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!

One of the best sites around for Mazinger Z and other Anime information!

In appreciation to all of those who in the past have and continue to give us these wonderfull MACHINES!!!