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The Mazinger Z and other Mecha pictures and information...

Page 3

Well, since I am always taking pictures of new additions to my Collection, I decided to go ahead and share some too.  However, these pictures are not "clutter free".  This is a look of what I see every time I sit in front of my computer...

This is my 1/144 Mecha Collection (part one)
1/144 figures (or pretty close to it)

From right to left:  G-Dangaioh, Neo Getter Robot, Shin Getter Robot, Gaiking (behind), Getter Dragon, Getta-1, Great Mazinger (above), God Phoenix (above).

Mazin Team vs Garada 1901
Two angles of a very cool fight...

Actually in reality the scale of the Garada 1901 is "larger" than the members of the Mazin Team.  The Mazin Team members range from 18meters to 23 meters.  The Garada 1901's size is 12meters.  However, since it is such a large figure, it goes great with the heroes... 

Two of the bad guys... Gelbros J3 & Grengus C3. Imported from Argentina.

The Evil Generals
Here you have Earl of Broken (aka as Count Decapito) and Baron Ashura. Mazinger 1901 in the back...

1/144 Collection (part two)
more 1/144 figures...

Mazinkaiser, Mazinger Z, Grendizer, Raideen, Dancouga, VF-1S Valkarie, Gundam Heavy Arms Custom, Gundam Double X, Gundam Z-Gok, Gundam Sumo.

1/144 Collection (part three)
A better look at the smaller Mechas...

Never mind the figures in the background (Ultraseven, Dairugger XV, etc...).  The 1/144 are in the front, with the exception of Big-O (in the back) and Cammy (in the front).

In appreciation to all of those who in the past have and continue to give us these wonderfull MACHINES!!!